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Peaches differ from citrus in their ripening character. The ripening process stops in citrus when it is picked. Peaches, however, continue to ripen after they have been picked. The colder they are kept the slower the ripening process, but they are still ripening.

Peaches are picked when ripe and with full color but still firm enough to handle them without damage and then only a short time remains for them to finish ripening under your watchful eye. Thankfully, by this time all the sugar is already in the peach and only a little more ripening time is required to unlock it's delicious flavor.



Care & Handling

 Handle your box of peaches like eggs. When setting your box of peaches down, be very gentle - peaches can bruise quite easily!


 Look through your peaches and remove fruit that you wish to finish ripening for immediate use including any bruised or soft fruit.


 In order to ripen your peaches properly, DO NOT place them in the refrigerator. Instead, spread them out on your counter or table at room temperature until they reach your desired level of ripeness (1 to 3 days). Keep a watchful eye on the peaches as they ripen.


 Let the peaches air dry if they are wet due to condensation after coming out of our refrigerated truck.


 Peaches are just like bananas when bruised - just take a knife and cut out the bruised area, the rest of the peach will still taste delicious!



After Ripening


 Once ripe, peaches can be used in a variety of ways - eating out of hand, sliced up for breakfasts or desserts, baked into a wide variety of treats, made into jam & canned or frozen for year-round use.


 Refrigeration may be used once peaches are ripe to extend lifespan but be cautious with frost-free refrideration. The dehumidifying effect may remove moisture from the peaches over time and cause them to become mealy, so inspect their condition regularly. Peaches are a tropical fruit and can last several days at room temperture once ripe.




A Few Extra Tips


* Do not store peaches in plastic bags. Plastic will keep moisture on or near the fruit encouraging mold growth.


* To peel a peach, dip in boiling water for 30 seconds. Then in cold water. The peel should slide off easily.


* To keep peaches from darkening after slicing, simply treat with orange juice, lemon juice or "Fruit Fresh".