​​Ken Velier, proud owner of Willow Fruit, is retiring from peach delivery this year. His good friends at Tree-Ripe Citrus Co. will be taking care of Willow customers to the best of their ability. Tree-Ripe provides the same Georgia peaches, Michigan blueberries, and Georgia pecans you’ve come to love! They already go to almost 200 locations throughout the midwest. With that in mind, several of Willow locations will still be visited, AND we are extending home delivery to all customers! Click below to see which of Willow’s locations will still be visited by Tree-Ripe Fruit Co., or to learn more about Tree-Ripe. Also, please see a letter from Ken to all his customers below.

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For the last six years, our summers have been filled with Georgia peaches and pecans and traveling throughout the Midwest. We’ve had the privilege of meeting thousands of wonderful customers, and many have become our friends. While it has been a great deal of hard work, it has been the highlight of the year, and so very rewarding for me and my family.

However, we’ve been growing. Needless to say, this has been quite a challenge for all of us. To assist us this summer, we’re teaming up with Tree-Ripe Fruit Co. to make sure you still receive the same great fruit you’ve come to expect.

And so you know, before becoming Willow Fruit, we had our start thanks in part to Tree-Ripe. They deliver the same Georgia peaches from Pearson Farm! In fact, we have had a decades-old relationship with our friends at Tree-Ripe. They’ve been doing this since 1990 in Wisconsin, and we’re confident that you will have the same great experience with their family as you’ve had with ours.

For me, I’ll be retiring from trucking and delivering peaches. This has been an exciting part of my life; I couldn’t be more grateful to all of you and my family. Through the ups and downs, I will truly miss it.

Thanks for all the memories and great times, and keep eating those sweet Georgia peaches!


Ken Velier - Willow Fruit